630A MCCB with Current

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The current rating of an MCCB is an important consideration when selecting a circuit breaker for a specific application. It should be chosen based on the electrical load requirements and the capacity of the connected equipment.

SDM6 molded case circuit breakers (MCCBs) protect cables sized for 100A to 1600 A. Their highest breaking capacities allow them to protect also smaller cables, when connected close to a powerful energy source. As one pillar of digitally connected power distributions (EcoStruxure Power), SDM6 breakers take part in energy consumption and asset management optimization. Saide SDM6 circuit breaker equips with intelligent controller as well, which not only makes its current adjustable but also grants protection against overload (long delay), short-circuit(short delay), short- circuit(instantaneous) & undervoltage, it'll certainly improve the entire power system's reliability, continuity &security. RS485 interface,MODBUS-RTU protocol.With MODBUS modul equipped,customers can choose options as below. Remote signal: Switching ON/OFF, tripping, alarm &malfunotional singal indication.

Remote control: Switching ON/OFF,reset.Remote test: 3-phase cuttent &N-pole current, grounding current.Remote adjustment: accept and execute remote command to debug remote control. Tripping unit menory recording function, last three time, tripping records can be well traced.SDM6 circuit breaker also obtains isolation funcion (Can be used as an alternative load switch).

SDM6 630A MCCB with Current complies to GB/T14048.2, IEC60947-2 standards, with CCC.CE, TSE certificate approved.

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